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If you have an idea in terms of IT and Digital Marketing and wonder how to make it happen, we’ll be your best partner.some of our services contains Webdesign, Applications, Promotional Contents, FinTech Projects, Automation Systems, Loyalty Clubs and CRM Systems.

Our Services

Pars Pooya provide all the services that you need in order to produce apps and promote your business.

Application and Website Development:

Providing facilities to create and run the desired business supportively and creating an acceleration for startups Developing the Product based on available idea and making it the final product Designing the desired website based on business need fast and by the mean of latest technologies

Solutions and Automation Systems:

Defining and creating Intelligent and Automation Systems based on Business need and Customer request Performing on-demand projects and researching for the companies based on what Business how should be performed Designing Solutions in terms of IT situations

Performing Loyalty Plans and CRM Systems:

We Provide the efficient scenario for each business or brand that has a plan on running loyalty plans or CRM system.this helps the marketing and the advertising side of a company

Promotional and Advertising Contents:

The High Skilled members of our team can design best quality of promotions and advertising contents.we are in charge of Scenario, Design, Edit and even the publishing.The quality of the Project compared to its price is unbelievable.

The latest projects

A young & high skilled team that turns every idea into a commercial product


Raypo is a creative system in terms of Customers Loyalty.it also has this possibility for the loyal customers to have their side benefit from the desired business.this system empowers the businesses and increases customers satisfaction


A really captivating football app that allows users to to create teams.this team contains real world players in professional football leagues.after each game, each user receives points.this app adds an extra excitement to the real world of Football.

AFC ( Arian Fast Cargo )

Management and Customers Panel of Arian Fast Cargo. Designing a professional panel that the user can submit and track their request and on the other side the Company can manage the requests

Gift Bon

A Mobile App that allows users to buy whatever they need and receive in-app Bonuses ( Raybon ).By the mean of Raybon, they can access to different Gifts.

Bornos Shop

The CRM system of Bornos can now trace every purchase of a user and based on their purchases decides how to treat the users.

Advertisement Promotions

Projects made by our content management team

We promised the directors, experts, and specialists of Andisheh Pardaz Pars Pouya Company to focus on all their experience, abilities, expertise and endeavor, in the information technology industry, using the Cutting-Edge Technology, to provide novel products of unique style. For the first time in Iran, we can produce internationally applicable products. Maybe it's difficult to work, but we will never miss a speciality and quality.

Amir Masoud Shiri CEO

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